Friday, 3 October 2008

World's Youngest Hypnotic Subject

They said "Babies can't be hypnotised."

They said "It's impossible. It can't work on someone that young."

I've got irrefutable photographic evidence of my advanced hypnosis program now at:-

World's Youngest Hypnotic Subject

Since her sessions, Holly has become an international boxing superstar.

Make sure you check out her before and after photos at:-

World's Youngest Hypnotic Subject


Thursday, 7 February 2008

So What Exactly IS Hypnotherapy?

By Richard Haggerty BA (Hons), Master Hypnotherapist

People considering a hypnosis or hypnotherapy session for the first time are often unclear about what it is or whether it will help them – or even how to go about making initial contact to find out more. Not only have they got the fear that they might not get rid of their own problem but there is the fear of the unknown – a new therapy, a hypnotist they do not know etc. If you have been feeling anxious, then you are not alone and it is only right that you have questions.

What Is Hypnotherapy?
It is the clinical application of hypnosis. Hypnosis is defined as “a narrow state of attention where a person is focused on one thing or things to the exclusion of all else.” Hypnosis can also be defined as the “induction of conviction” because you are able to change beliefs and become more certain in your own abilities. Usually, a client works with a hypnotherapy practitioner in one or more sessions to gain access to greater latent abilities in the subconscious mind and overcome whatever is the presenting problem. The subconscious is the repository of all your memories, emotions, thoughts and the part of you that grows hair, builds blood cells and regulates your heartbeat – all without your having to give any thought to these processes. Because the unconscious mind is so powerful (and theoretically infinite in its capacity), it makes sense to tap in this wider part of you when making changes.

What Can Hypnotherapy Be Used For?
Most people are aware it can be useful for smoking cessation and weight control. But it also highly effective with anxieties, phobias, nail biting, blushing, sleep disorders, improving sports performance and pretty much anything you can think of. Your hypnotherapist can tell you their portfolio of problems they work with.

Is Hypnotherapy The Same As Mind Control?
No. There is often a confusion that people will be “going under” as is apparently the case with stage hypnosis. This is NOT the case. You will be aware at all times and with heightened attention. Many studies have consistently shown that a subject will not doing anything that is against their core values when in trance. Since you are aware at all times, it is YOUR choice to follow the suggestions.

What Is The Difference Between Hypnotherapy And Stage Hypnosis?
Stage hypnosis is a show whereby the entertainer (stage hypnotist) picks five or so people who he has noticed are highly suggestible and keen to participate. These people tend to respond very directly to commands, whether or not they are in a deep level of trance. Most people are therefore NOT suitable for participation in a stage act. However, everyone can enjoy various states of trance and benefit from hypnotherapy.

How Will I Know I Am “In Trance”?
This is very personal and subjective, yet you have undoubtedly had many common experiences of being in trance already. When you are watching TV, the telephone is ringing and you haven’t noticed – because you have been engrossed in program or film. Or driving along a motorway and suddenly you notice that you are four exits past where you wanted to get off and you can’t remember the last few miles. Other hypnotic phenomena include “negative hallucination” where you just can’t seem to find your household keys, no matter how hard you look!

If you would like to find out more, the hardest thing is to make the initial contact, for fear of being “sold” something or not knowing what to ask, or a million other reasons. I know how tricky it can feel – that’s why I recommend an informal chat with me on 02920 193978 to ask any questions you would like, without obligation.

Richard Haggerty BA (Hons)
Master Hypnotherapist

Busy Execs Can Bust Stress In Five Minutes

I had yet another featured article this week in the Welsh press about my new comprehensive program to help anyone eliminate stress, involving hypnosis tracks, a free online course plus some-to-one training with me over 5 weeks.

Read the original article in the

South Wales Echo.

Warm regards

Richard Haggerty

Master Hypnotherapist
Life Coach
NLP Trainer

P.S. Visit for tips, advice and a free online course.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Hypnotherapist Reveals 10 Tricks To Quit Smoking

Did you know that hypnosis can ensure YOUR success in quitting smoking?

Imagine the benefits of a smoke-free life now. Greater energey, more confidence and control over your life. No more smelly breath and being ostracised or having to leave a pub or club for a sneaky cigarette, as if you were back in school hiding from teachers.

Renowned Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Richard Haggerty is making available through his website, his 10 tricks to stop smoking online course to ensure that Cardiff smokers can quit smoking before the end of 2007. The articles provide tools and exercises that any smoker can use to quit smoking cold turkey without patches, gum, or pills.

"Over the past decade, I have developed and refined a quit smoking program that uses hypnosis to make even chronic smokers smoke-free after just one session," reports Richard. "I am pleased to make the 10 Tricks I provide to all of my clients available to the public via this free online course."

Since clients typically have the same worries and concerns and I spent a considerable amount of time educating them and assisting them to prioritise the goal of stopping smoking, it made sense to provide a course that people could use to do that for themselves. If they would like extra assistance, then I am also here to provide there in my personal one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions.

Richard is a certified master hypnotherapist and life coach with over 10 years of clinical experience. He is the number-one Doctor recommended hypnotherapist in the Cardiff area. Richard has helped hundreds of patients quit smoking using his revolutionary program.

Readers of the "10 Tricks" articles will learn about proven techniques that have helped many smokers through the difficulty of quitting cigarettes. The articles give guidance on prioritizing the goal, focusing on results, managing stress, and other keys to successful smoking cessation. "The hypnosis session, either in person, is the engine for quitting smoking," says Richard, "the 10 Tricks are the fuel that keeps the engine turning."

Richard’s success rates for stopping smoking have made him the premier stop smoking clinic in South Wales.

Letters and e-mails from recent satisfied clients include:-

"I stopped smoking and feel so relaxed now. I don’t want to smoke again – EVER! It really worked 100%." - Mrs Nicolai

“I stopped smoking in one hour. It worked!” - Ifan Ramage

“Richard (Stop Smoking Cardiff), Thank you for your recent letter [to follow up the single non-smoking session]. I would like to just say that I have been off the cigarettes since my visit to you [since January 2006] and I haven’t looked back”
- Dave Limburn

Richard is located in Canton, Cardiff and on the web

To access the "10 Tricks" articles or that helps smokers in taking the first step to quit, please visit or call Richard direct on 02920 193978.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

How Can Hypnosis Help You To Lose Weight Now?

Hypnosis is the ability to focus powerfully on one thing to the exclusion of all else. In this receptive state you are able to literally tap in to much more of your latent abilities and, in doing so, change habits.

Being overweight typically creates a vicious cycle for people. They eat for “comfort” and to “reward themselves.” They then feel anxious, upset or depressed about the extra weight and are less motivated to exercise or change eating habits. Past a certain point, they feel out of control and unable to lose those extra pounds.

People often resort to trying to “dieting” i.e. cutting out eating or reducing eating, depriving themselves, losing a few pounds, then getting fed up and over-eating again – but in scoffing even more than before and feeling worse than they did before. Obviously, the key is to create sustainable habits of thinking, eating and exercising that allow you to consistently feel good and healthy.

Hypnosis and NLP are able to communicate directly with the habit-forming part of you, the part that is much bigger than who we think we are, commonly called the subconscious or unconscious mind. This is the part that regulates such things as impulse control, metabolism and fat-burning capability.

Studies have shown that mental preparation, combined with appropriate eating and exercise habits can assist a person in overcoming old patterns of yo-yo dieting. Furthermore, hypnosis can assist a person to become more motivated to lose weight and eat healthily. Newer NLP processes (which allow for a form of conversational hypnosis) can further strengthen the connection between the conscious decision to lose weight and the unconscious habit-forming part.

For example, I worked with a client recently to change habits of over-eating crisps, chocolate and pizza, whilst strengthening her desire to eat properly and adopt regular sensible exercise patterns. Trance also allows for greater control of autonomic processes and it is even possible to increase metabolic rate through suggestions.

Tips for losing weight:-

• Set a date to lose weight and write down exactly how you wish to be different. This gives your mind a direction to start heading in

• Write down your reasons for wanting to be a different weight. Why is this an overwhelming “MUST” in you life? Look for the benefits, how you will feel, look and what being this new body will do for you.

• Find some people who can assist you – either hypnotherapists, people who have been successful already in losing weight healthily and keeping it off or find books by people who have successfully achieved what you want to

- Visit for tips, advice and a free online course.

If you are fed up with your weight, feel out of control or are interested in losing those last few pounds before the summer, then call now for a free consultation on 02920 193978.

For more information and latest tips, check out our Squidoo lens at

Tips To Lose Weight

Till next time.

Warm regards,

Richard Haggerty
Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Cardiff Hypnotherapist Launches Book To Help Women Become Man Magnets


Finally, I’ve released my latest book.

It’s taken a while.

A long while.

The idea has been growing for several years of writing a practical book to help women like you get their ideal man.

Sounds impossible?

Have you ever noticed how there is hardly anything out there written specifically to help women deal with things like:-

• Why don’t I seem to be able to communicate to men I like?
• This guy seemed so nice but turned out to be a complete jerk
• How can I tell if we share common values?
• Why didn’t he call me back?
• How can I let a man I like know it so he does call me back?

And of course, the one question that women ask when they are fed up with the dating bandwagon, "Is there something wrong with me?"

The majority of my therapy clients are women because put a higher premium on looking after themselves. After dealing with hundreds and hundreds of women over the years, you can’t not notice certain patterns emerge!

I also noticed certain typical problems that single women have, difficulties that women in relationships have in general relating to men and being able to have a deeply fulfilling, nurturing and mutually fulfilling relationship.

So after several years of research, the book has finally been written. I’ve decided to call it, “Become A Man Magnet!”

The newspapers were so interested that they sent someone out the other day to try to “catch me out” – to prove that the techniques did *NOT* work. I thought they were just coming to see about the book and ask me a few questions!

No, the journalist wanted results “on the spot.”

She challenged me, "Show me now how to become a Man Magnet."

I gulped. I was simply expecting to outline to Laura (the journalist) the inner steps you need to create the inner sense of happiness, clarity and expectation that will let YOU attract the right man.

Suffice to say, she was blown away with the techniques...and she only saw the tip of the iceberg.

This is an extract from the article she wrote for the Daily Echo afterwards:-

“I am a cynic about alternative therapies, but using the Man Magnet System, I did feel better about myself. I certainly didn’t expect to be as convinced by his methods as I was.

I realised some of my attitudes, approaches and even my demeanour were inadvertently a massive turn-off and were making me unattractive.

In fact, I wondered why my boyfriend had stuck with me for the last three-and-a-half years. Richard made me realise that only by changing myself would I be a happier person and more relaxed.”

- Laura Wright, Special Features Journalist
South Wales Echo, Cardiff, UK

If you know any women who want to improve or enhance their relationships and don’t know where to start, then give send them the link below. There is even a free online course for them to start to make progress. To find out what all the other women are talking about, go to:-

Warm regards,
Thursday, 12 July 2007

Friday, 16 February 2007

When NOT To Book A Hypnotherapy Session

I've got a confession to make.

I often get asked about whether hypnotherapy will help with a variety for problems; but the answer is often, but not always, yes.

There are times when I say to a client, “I don’t think hypnosis is for you at this moment in time.”

That might shock you, but the truth is that any therapy is a two-way relationship and a client MUST be in the right frame of mind to make progress: an attitude of "I'm willing to try, do and be something different."

So, under what conditions MIGHT I recommend to a client not to book a session?

Here are some common times where I would recommend NOT to choose hypnotherapy:-

1. If there is any history of mental illness or they are on some involved psychotic medication, then it is certainly advisable to see the GP instead

2. If someone does not believe in “therapy or “hypnosis.” I have seen many miracles in clients, but only when they are “sold on the idea” that therapy CAN work and that it IS POSSIBLE for a person to change. If you remember that a therapist cannot force a person to do anything, not even go into trance, then you already start to realise how much personal power you have! A therapist or coach simply supports YOU to make the changes you wnt. Their job is not to sell the “concept” of therapy to you. If you decide to book a session, you must be open to the therapy or coaching – and willing to commit to the process

3. If you are someone who always has to be “in control” and are NOT open to trying new things, then perhaps hypnotherapy is not for you

4. And the final category of folk would be those people who want to “prove” that hypnotherapy, hypnosis or therapy does "not" work. These folks need to reconsider the aspects of their life that lead them to that place. There are lots of folk who are serious about making a change.

After all, when you see a therapist, you are paying for their time. They will of course want you to get wonderful changes and results but - in the long-term - each individual has to take responsibility for that! The therapist can suggest, guide and talk to you about many aspects of the change process, but you must be committed to co-operate in that process.

However, if you are determined to stop, willing to believe in therapy, willing to co-operate with the therapist, are willing to try something new and already believe that hypnosis works (as clients must do), then you are in for a treat.

If you are one of folk *serious* about making a change, as you probably are if you are taking the time to read this, then please take the time to check out the Hypnosis Cardiff website. I invite you to sign up for one of the free online courses there and enjoy a complimentary hypnotioc trance.

If you do, you might just be like our recent client Sue who raved that she is, “very relaxed and feel able to resist cigarettes [for the first time in 40 years].”